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BMW HD wallpapers

BMW HD Wallpapers. The brigtest collection of BMW wallpapers.

Crop, resize, rotate,set rating, download, share, filter by colors.

We have created amazing wallpaper application with more more than 50 handpicked, impressive, high-resolution, background images for your phone and tablet.
BMW HD Wallpapers app allows you to set any wallpaper on your background or download HD image (or part of it) to your device.

BMW HD Wallpapers has a full list of modern features:

- only high quality Full HD images
- rotate wallaper as you want
- resize any image to fit your device
- crop any part of wallpaper
- share with friends
- add to favourites
- set rating to any wallpaper
- download any wallpaper to the device
- sort images by rating and views
- filter by colors
- small application weight

Make BMW is one of the most popular in the world for more than one decade, it symbolizes prestige , reliability, and just a great quality. So there will , of course, no harm to learn some interesting facts about this machine .

1. It is believed that the famous BMW logo symbolizes the white propeller , which cuts through the blue sky . In principle , it is quite logical , because initially the company BMW was created for the production of aircraft engines . However, the blue and white colors in the logo are the official colors of Bavaria, where the company is located and BMW.

2 . BMW company to designate their models , uses no names , and digital lettering . In most cases, BMW has a three-digit number, and then go one or two letters . Typically, more than the first letter of the higher grade of the vehicle.

3 . The designation of the BMW uses alphanumeric codes that represent some of the features of the car, everything except the series and volume. For example , the letter d is the diesel , i - Injection type of engine , the M in BMW stands Motosport, and xDrive - four-wheel drive . Compartment marked with the letter C.

4 . BMW roadsters in designated somewhat differently - first letter is Z, and then followed by the numbers and crossovers - by the letter X and the corresponding figures (X3, X4, X5).

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